Turning the art of the possible into the art of the practical with AI

generative AI

By Chris Bjornson

Last year, generative AI (GenAI) took the world by storm. The technology promises to have a significant impact on the way work is done given its power, accessibility and ubiquity, yet many many organizations are challenged on where to start.

At Google Cloud Next ’24, we are seeing GenAI continue to rapidly advance, with a steady stream of new applications, new models, new tools, and new ways to use GenAI — including ways we are accelerating the productivity of our engineers with Gemini Code Assist for developers. While the velocity of advancements may seem overwhelming, more and more organizations are now testing and exploring the art of the possible with GenAI and excited about access to new tools including Gemini 1.5 Pro.

What needs to happen next is turning this art of the possible into the art of the practical. Too many organizations are hitting roadblocks as they try to shift from exploration of GenAI tools into production. The delay is not due to technical limitations. The roadblocks to create practical GenAI applications involve reimagining people’s roles, reinventing the processes people follow, and ensuring the proper security and safeguards along the way to minimize risk.

These changes require careful planning and domain insights. At Egen, we turn possibilities into practical outcomes by bringing together our cloud, data, AI, and platform expertise with domain knowledge about the real-world constraints and opportunities that organizations face in their specific industries. With the help of additional frameworks and ancillary services like “enterprise truth” to ground models, increasing trust and verification of outcomes, the prototypes of yesterday and today are becoming the reliable tools of tomorrow.

We think through how to source the right data, ensure secure models, and produce the outcomes organizations need for bringing GenAI applications into production, where they can realize the full value of this powerful new wave of technology. We partner closely across each dimension of our ecosystem partner Google Cloud, including the use of accelerated tools like Vertex AI Agent Builder coupled with security tools like Gemini in Threat Intelligence and Security Operations. The speed of innovation is no longer harbingered by traditional areas that slow it down.

Our solutions turn the possibilities of AI into practical tools that help make government more efficient and effective, improve patient outcomes, drive informed policy decision-making, empower people, and deliver impact for the better.

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