Unlocking new possibilities with generative AI agents

Generative AI agents

By Saleem Janmohamed

The opening keynote of Google Cloud Next ’24 on Tuesday morning was packed with exciting announcements from Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian. He introduced advancements across the Vertex AI platform, Gemini AI models, Gemini for Google Cloud,  Gemini for Google Workspace, and much more. 

Perhaps the most powerful takeaway from the Google Cloud advancements is the opportunity to create agents with Vertex AI, a platform for customizing, deploying, and managing generative AI (GenAI) models across a spectrum of scenarios. The Vertex AI Agent Builder makes it easy for organizations to build and deploy GenAI agents for specific tasks, such as searching for products and asking questions about those products. Organizations can create agents for a wide range of applications, grounding each agent with its data and Google Search results to help validate the agent’s responses. 

The ability to build these agents quickly and easily enables organizations to accelerate their use of GenAI. Agents can be combined to handle more complex use cases, which further increase the value of this capability. AI agents can also leverage existing data stores and APIs to further reduce the time and cost of deploying capabilities powered by AI.

These modular deployments of specific AI functionality empower a “test and learn” approach, where organizations can iteratively and quickly improve the functionality and capabilities of their agents. This allows Google Cloud enterprise users to move at the speed they are comfortable with in deploying AI capabilities.

The keynote showcased several enterprise clients that are already building next-generation AI tools on Google Cloud, including Uber, Goldman Sachs, Mercedes Benz, Palo Alto Networks, and HCA. These organizations are on the cutting edge of deploying these technologies and demonstrating that the technologies provide enterprise-grade security and reliability. Over the next 12 to 18 months, we expect to see much wider deployments of these AI agents and AI models for common business use cases. 

The Vertex AI Agent Builder and other AI tools being launched act as easy on-ramps for any organization to leverage AI. As a Google Cloud partner with leading capabilities in cloud, data, AI, and platforms, Egen is uniquely positioned to help organizations navigate this opportunity and unleash the full value of new Google Cloud Platform tools.

From setting up the right infrastructure to building, deploying and managing AI models and connecting them with existing applications and enterprise data, Egen works across the full stack of services that organizations need to launch their AI journeys. 

We are eager to see the next wave of announcements that come out of Google Cloud Next ’24. Connect with our Egen team of experts at booth 1451 here at the event in Las Vegas through 11 April. See our solution demos across several industries from government to health care and retail, highlighting the transformative power of data and AI.

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