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Our people create [new] possibilities through Cloud, data, AI and platforms

Smiling businessman looking away from the camera against gray wall
Smiling businessman looking away from the camera against gray wall

We are on a mission to help organizations drive action and impact through data and insights enabled by platforms. To achieve this, we are committed to being a place where the best people choose to work so they can apply their engineering and technology expertise to envision what is next for how data and platforms can change the world for the better.

Our team has already successfully helped hundreds of organizations accelerate their data and platform value chain journeys, including many of today’s top and emerging companies and state and local governments. Together, we:

A layered diagram of 3D isometric squares. There are five layers; the bottom labelled, 1, is light grey, the others, consecutively labelled 2 through to 5 at the top are different shades of blue. Each layer is slightly transparent to indicate that each layer impacts and informs the outcomes of the layer above it.

Build the digital foundation with cloud and platform architecture


Unlock data and harness the power of platforms using cloud migration, data engineering, and platform engineering.


Generate insight through analytics and visualization.


Drive action with artificial intelligence and automation.


Create impact through industry and functional solutions.

We continue to build and extend our deep skills and experience as we work with many of the most respected platform companies in the world, including Google Cloud, Salesforce, Snowflake, and others, to create impact for our clients and growth opportunities for our people.

Making an impact through data and platforms is all possible through our commitment to a thriving work culture.

We have the honor of repeatedly earning Great Place To Work Certification, along with being named to Inc. Magazine’s 5000 Fastest Growing Companies.

Our culture

We are a fast-growing and entrepreneurial company with a data-first mindset. We bring together the best engineering talent working with the most advanced technology platforms to help clients drive action and impact through data and insights enabled by platforms.

Our values

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Client obsessed

Our clients are at the center of everything we do to unlock the power of data, insights, and action for impact, enabled by platforms.

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Our natural curiosity combined with bold thinking serve as catalysts to envision what is next for how data and platforms can change the world.

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Push boundaries

Our drive and willingness to challenge the status quo enables us to deliver breakthroughs not thought possible.

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One team

Our promise is to bring courage, relentless focus, and empathy to tackle your challenges and opportunities, because your success is our success.

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Pragmatic delivery

Our ability to simplify the complex and bring an action-learning-adaptive approach to our work allows us to deliver impact quickly and reliably.

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Our integrity, transparency, and accountability enable us to do the right thing and act ethically and responsibly.

Inclusion & Diversity

We believe a company is strengthened by the diversity of voices and lived experiences of its people. We have an inclusive culture empowered by hiring and career advancement practices to support a diverse workforce, coaching programs to help diverse individuals progress, and an apprenticeship program to attract diverse talent.

Portrait of Vamsi Sannidhanam

// Our People

Upskilling professionally and personally at Egen

Vamsi led an effort to upskill a team of 60 Egen people on Salesforce cloud certifications.


Join our team of passionate people who help organizations drive action and impact through data and insights as we create new possibilities.

// We are hiring!

Why join Egen?

We are a tight-knit, friendly team of driven people who are dedicated to learning, thrive on solving tough problems, and continually innovate to achieve fast, effective results. If this describes you, we want you on our team.

Two women working at table in an office

We are ambitious and strive to be at the forefront of what is next, which creates opportunities for our people to learn, extend skills, and advance careers.

Journey ahead

We are serious about our mission and pursue it relentlessly. We openly recognize our mistakes, because they teach us how to refine and improve.

Passion meets profession

We work with the most exciting, cutting-edge data and platform engineering technologies to solve complex problems that challenge each of us to keep innovating.

More than just technology

We work in all areas of cloud, data,
and platform, which for some can seem impersonal, yet we are highly focused
on how they can be used to empower people and organizations for the better.

Nothing is wasted

We keep our feet on the ground and provide our clients with a pragmatic approach as they advance in their data and platform journey from incubating and prototyping to execution and management.


We are a motivated group that
embraces transparency and values the sharing of ideas so everyone is heard
and collaborates to do our best work together.

Prioritize well-being

We take care of ourselves physically
and mentally with a commitment to work-life balance and flexibility that underpins our success.

Families before overtime

A healthy environment is important not only within our team but with those that matter most to us — our families and friends — so we work hard to give our people more time to spend on what matters most to them outside of work.

Portrait of Diane Baiao

// Our People

Empowering people through mentorship at Egen

Diane leads by example and takes pride in mentoring her early-career colleagues at Egen.

Career development

We invest in your ability to scale up. We offer pathways for you to advance your skill sets and gain expertise. We work hard to be the place where you can always find new challenges, opportunities and experiences, so you can keep evolving your career while helping organizations and people unleash the power of data and platforms.

We build in progression and advancement to your career journey at Egen. Depending on your role, there are a variety of horizontal and vertical options to fuel your career growth.

Entry levels

You have the ability to start your career as an Intern, Assistant, or Analyst to gain valuable skills and experience.

Intermediate levels

Once you have gained some experience and demonstrated skill competence in your starting position, you can be promoted to an intermediate position such as a Consultant, Client Partner, or Alliance Manager.

Senior levels

With additional experience and expertise you can progress to more senior roles, such as Principal Consultant/Engineer, Senior Manager, Account Director, and Senior Client Partner.


Instead of climbing the managerial hierarchy, people have the opportunity to specialize in a particular area of expertise and advance within that field.

Functional roles

Employees can also advance by taking on roles in key functions, broadening their skillset and gaining a more holistic view of operating in key parts of the organization such as Finance, Human Resources, and Marketing.

Two men collaborating in a breakout area in an office. One man is pointing to something on his laptop.


We believe in nurturing a culture of employee respect and well-being. That is why we value a work environment that:

Advances your journey by offering mentoring programs and sessions to continue learning.

Nurtures well-being, contributing to the whole you, including your mental, social, emotional, and financial wellness.

Boosts team spirit through friendly tournaments and festivities.

Champions collaboration with supportive peers and visionary leadership.

Prioritizes flexibility so you do not have to compromise on work-life balance.

Gives back to our communities by matching employee volunteer hours and philanthropic contributions.

Health insurance

Wellness programs

On-site gym (India)

Paid leave


Sick leave

Bonuses for employee referrals

Parental leave (country and state specific)

Group insurance (India)

Legal insurance (U.S.)

Bereavement leave

Retirement contributions

* Benefits may vary by location.

People Story - Solomon Habib

// Our People

Continuing the learning journey at Egen

Solomon Habib turned his lifelong love of learning into a career opportunity with Egen.

People stories

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