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The challenge

Data-driven precision medicine leaders are undergoing exponential growth, and they need experts with cloud, data, AI, and platform experience to help them stay ahead of the curve.

At a glance

We provide data engineering expertise to solve precision medicine organizations’ unique data migration, infrastructure, pipeline, and data testing challenges, so they can focus on accelerating and transforming personalized patient care to save lives.

The Precision Medicine Platform allows organizations to:

Migrate to the cloud and quickly scale for different workloads.

Build a modern data platform capable of handling petabytes of data.

Automate manual workflows to process data faster and more efficiently, increasing data capacity with near-zero downtime.

Bring multimodal data, including text and images, into a platform architecture built on a cloud environment to better understand each patient.

Structure multimodal data, contextualize it, and analyze it with machine learning models to find the optimal treatment for each patient.

Process data securely while meeting regulatory and compliance requirements.

Launch a data licensing approach and implement safe-harbor data standards to securely share data with pharmaceutical partners while protecting patient privacy.

The impact

Focus on patient care and power a connection between the clinical side of health care and the world of research.

With the Egen Precision Medicine Platform, you can keep patient care at the center of everything your organization does while powering a connection between the clinical side of health care and the world of research.

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