Creating data and AI-fueled solutions to help the public sector better serve citizens

Data and AI-fueled solutions public sector

By Charles Landry

The possibilities are endless for using data and artificial intelligence to fuel exciting new capabilities and efficiencies across organizations — and public sector agencies are no exception. 

AI advancements and the opportunities for the public sector were on full display at Google Cloud Next ’24, earning a mention early in the opening keynote about how some government agencies are using AI to detect potholes. We know firsthand the power of this use case: We proudly built a solution called CityVision that uses data and AI to detect potholes and more. 

Egen CityVision detects and maps issues to help government crews prioritize and plan efficient fixes to issues including potholes, blocked storm drains, and overgrown weeds, so government agencies can better serve residents. CityVision transforms existing assets such as installed cameras in intersections and on public transportation vehicles into intelligent infrastructure monitors, using AI to enable proactive problem identification and resolution.

With these insights, state and local governments can proactively create safer, more efficient, and more livable neighborhoods. This solution also improves safety for public employees by automatically gathering images for analysis, without the need for people to manually inspect infrastructure. We have already deployed CityVision with our ecosystem partner, Google Cloud Platform, to drive results for public works teams in Memphis, Tennessee, and Costa Mesa, California. 

The public sector use cases for AI go far beyond helping improve infrastructure and safety. More government agencies are integrating generative AI (GenAI) in their call center technology and using solutions like Virtual Agents with GenAI to improve efficiencies and deliver better experiences for their citizens. 

Egen brings leading capabilities in cloud, data, AI, and platforms to help public sector organizations bridge technology and human empowerment. We combine these capabilities with our long-standing expertise in architecting and delivering solutions for the public sector at scale, along with a commitment to the needed testing and integrated security throughout the development and deployment of solutions. This practical approach helps public sector organizations achieve faster time to market and more return on investment with solutions. 

Explore our public sector solutions today to see how we help improve citizens’ access and experiences with public sector services, and see our CityVision solution in action in the video below:

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