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The challenge

Today’s customers increasingly expect personalized, seamless experiences. They are accustomed to automated customer service operations that have the intelligence built in to quickly resolve their questions and needs. That includes self-service options for customers to use virtual agents and other messaging channels.

To keep up with these evolving expectations and turn shoppers into loyal customers, or empower citizens to feel well-served by government agencies, organizations need to embed intelligence across their human and virtual customer service agents.

At a glance

Our use of generative AI (GenAI) revolutionizes customer service by enhancing the capabilities of both virtual and live agents alike.

We combine the power of artificial intelligence and contact center AI to take your customer or citizen experience to new heights, while also delivering significant operational efficiency and cost benefits, including:

Cost reduction through GenAI’s automation and augmentation.

Empowerment of contact center staff with advanced AI tools.

Dynamic knowledge bases based on every interaction.

Enhanced customer satisfaction with personalized interactions.

Customized virtual agents using Dialogflow and GenAI for omni-channel communication and actionable insights.

The impact

AI-powered virtual agents ensure quick, efficient, and personalized support.

AI-powered virtual agent

Deploy AI-powered virtual agents to handle citizen queries, provide relevant information, and offer personalized assistance.

Ensure quick, efficient, and personalized support to citizens during emergencies.

Emergency response and crisis management

Enhance emergency response and crisis management by leveraging Gen AI’s data analysis capabilities.

Support live agents in coordinating response efforts with AI-powered virtual agents.

Content generation and

Tailor responses to inquiries based on their previous interactions and preferences.

Personalize the welcome intent with the latest website content, including new events and updates.

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Automated knowledge base creation with deep search

Automatically extract information from various sources, curate relevant content, and enable easy expansion of the knowledge base through various formats such as websites, CSVs, PDFs, and more.

Intelligent call routing
and escalation

Categorize and prioritize incoming calls to ensure that citizens are connected quickly and accurately to the appropriate agents or departments.

Enhanced citizen

Use advanced natural language processing (NLP) to accurately interpret user queries, ensuring relevant and helpful responses.

Deliver personalized and contextualized interactions to enhance satisfaction and engagement.

Keep responses up-to-date and accurate through automated knowledge base expansion for consistent information.

Streamline document submission with guided dialogues, simplifying the process for citizens.

Enhance agent

Enable live agents with real-time query summarization for faster resolutions and time savings.

Optimize virtual agent performance to reduce operational costs and minimize live agent involvement.

Streamline call routing and prioritization, ensuring swift and accurate connections to the appropriate agents.

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