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Unleash data and platforms to [reimagine] manufacturing and retail  

Businesswoman checking production in a factory
Businesswoman checking production in a factory

Today’s customers are rapidly shifting their preferences for the products and services they want to consume, and what they consider an ideal omni-channel experience. It is critical for manufacturers and retailers to reimagine how they produce, supply, and deliver products and services to meet these higher consumer expectations.

We create solutions to help manufacturing and retail organizations unlock data and insights enabled by the cloud that drive impact. Our solutions empower organizations with data and platforms to better understand customer engagement, improve operations, personalize experiences, and create new revenue streams.

Our capabilities for manufacturing

// Manage production, assets, and supply chain 

Build a platform architecture

Build an internet-of-things platform that can scale across multiple verticals to seamlessly track production, assets, and supply chain. Provide predictive maintenance for customers. Minimize unplanned downtime and optimize operations.

Our capabilities for retail

// Deliver personalized customer experiences

Customer intelligence 

Create an omni-channel commerce presence with unified customer data platforms to empower personalization and drive customer loyalty. 

A shopper checking product using a mobile phone in store

// Optimize store operations

Product classification intelligence

Accurately identify and tag products in brick-and-mortar and digital stores. Use it to optimize inventory management, streamline supply chain management, improve store optimization, personalize the customer experience, and enhance security and compliance.

Shopping modernization

Create auto-generated refactor code and Terraform scripts to manage and migrate applications quickly. Manage the rehosting and replatforming of applications to the cloud, improving operational efficiency and reducing costs while scaling application needs.

// Provide faster fulfillment and delivery

Demand and supply forecasting intelligence

Develop actionable insights from data across multiple platforms across the value chain. Predict customer demand and preferences, handle large orders effectively, respond to material and capacity needs, manage inventory disruptions, and share the big picture of demand and supply.

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Vishwa Vangari
Vishwa Vangari
Manufacturing and Retail Lead

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