FanFood: Reinventing food delivery to serve more fans

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FanFood provides app and web-based ordering solutions, from world-class events and premier hospitality locations to local attractions and nonprofits. The company’s legacy technology architecture limited its service to small crowds. FanFood asked Egen to design a scalable mobile ordering platform that would supercharge its expansion plans.

FanFood entered the online food delivery space by connecting fans with stadium food stands, allowing spectators to order grub directly to their seats or a pick-up window. While its digital infrastructure worked for varsity games that seat up to 10,000 hungry fans, the platform suffered in FanFood’s attempt to scale to the MLB stadiums, which seat up to 50,000 people. If FanFood wanted to scale up, it needed to start new and rebuild.

Egen used a greenfield approach to redesign a platform that assisted FanFood in achieving seamless, consistent growth. We developed an end-to-end cloud solution using Amazon Web Services (AWS) that targeted FanFood’s primary goal: game-day scalability.

The massive infrastructure of AWS is capable of handling large changes in traffic, which is vital to the long-term success of FanFood’s growth. Being on AWS empowered FanFood to set up high-performance serverless architecture and deploy its applications in multiple regions with ease, efficiency, and agility. We developed mobile applications to enhance the customer experience using a single code base structure deployed on both iOS and Android platforms.

With our end-to-end cloud solution, FanFood can now process 10x more orders, while saving $100,000 in operating expenses through AWS. Our platform helped FanFood elevate the delivery experience for serving 2,200% more fans.

Now, FanFood is equipped to hit a home-run in the food delivery game and scale out of the park, seamlessly.

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