Turo: Accelerating growth with better salesforce analytics

Turo account managers finally have a one-stop shop for data and actionable insights natively within Salesforce


Turo, founded in 2010, is the world’s largest peer-to-peer car-sharing marketplace, operating in more than 56 countries with more than 14 million members and 450,000 vehicles. When Turo needed better insights into its data, it selected Egen to build data-driven solutions with Salesforce, including CRM Analytics and Tableau. The collaboration has empowered Turo to advance its strategy of using data to inform decision-making in its operations around the world.

Turo believes access to data and insights empowers its teams to make data-informed decisions more quickly. At the heart of this is data visualization. Turo uses Tableau to unlock the ability for its teams to rapidly visualize business trends and identify opportunities. It needed help to bring Tableau together with Salesforce CRM Analytics, though, and that is where Egen stepped in to simplify the complexity of working with the technology and tools.

Egen helped Turo advance its analytics journey by bringing together the power of Tableau and CRM Analytics. We introduced CRM Analytics for Turo’s Salesforce users and consolidated data visualization tools, putting Tableau at the center of data analytics, exploration, and visualization. Additionally, we worked with Turo to unlock predictive analytics by analyzing the last mile of their data journey directly in Salesforce with Einstein discovery.

“We are excited to partner with Turo to accelerate the company’s growth using visualization tools and predictive analytics. Together, we are showing how the right strategy and tools transform the way a company does business.” 
Riz Ebrahim, Communications, Media, and Technology Lead, Egen

With CRM Analytics, Turo account managers finally have a one-stop shop for data and actionable insights natively within Salesforce.

“Egen has been a great partner. What might have taken us the better part of a year to do ourselves, Egen enabled us to do in months,” said Albert Mangahas, chief data officer at Turo. “Thanks to Egen, we can accelerate our vision to share more insights and extract more value from our data.”

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