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Man talking on smartphone while working remotely with laptop computer sitting in cafe.
Man talking on smartphone while working remotely with laptop computer sitting in cafe.
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Egen is the trusted partner in helping organizations make the most of their data and optimize their use of the Salesforce platform to drive customer impact. We are hands-on problem solvers in working with clients to maximize the potential of Salesforce.

We bring deep expertise in cloud, data, AI, and platforms to each area of CRM, creating a truly intelligent platform to create new possibilities for organizations.

Organizations are unlocking the entire potential of their customer data by tapping into the Egen team of Salesforce experts that includes strategists, advisors, architects, data scientists and engineers who help a vision become a reality.

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Our capabilities

Egen experts help organizations use AI and data analytics to turn Salesforce user data into actionable insights, fueling improved client experiences and optimized decision-making.

AI and Data Analytics

Egen delivers solutions that empower clients to maximize the value of their data assets for greater insights and better decision making. The capabilities include CRM Analytics, Salesforce Einstein, Revenue Intelligence, Forecasting, and customized solutions for the private and public sector. Egen also integrates Salesforce with data platforms and applications, including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Snowflake, and others.

Data Cloud

Salesforce Data Cloud is a platform designed to unite all your customer data, allowing you to act on insights using AI and automation in real-time, allowing you to achieve a true Customer 360.

Through its ready-made connectors, the platform facilitates the seamless connection of all customer data at scale, whether from apps, devices, or real-time streams. It has a unique capability to harmonize all data into a singular customer graph, offering unified customer profiles that adapt in real-time.

This feature proves beneficial across all departments and industries. By doing so, Salesforce Data Cloud enables you to create exceptional, timely experiences for your customers, ensuring their satisfaction and loyalty in those critical moments when speed is of the essence.

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Salesforce Intelligent Experience

Egen brings organizations end-to-end strategy consulting and implementation for offerings across the Salesforce portfolio, accelerating the time to value. Egen experts create customized workflows, implement intelligent automation, and integrate analytics for Experience Cloud, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and industry-focused clouds.

We create the intelligent experience for Salesforce users – so they can use the right data to make the right decisions. One application interface. CRM Analytics shines best when creating a unified intelligent user experience augmented with data.


Egen unlocks greater value with a complete view of data to provide greater visibility, generate actionable insights, and enable better decision making.

Learn more about our Tableau capabilities

Client stories

Egen unleashes the power of data to create new possibilities. Here is what our clients say about how we help them unlock the full potential of Salesforce:

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We had a great experience working with Egen on our Revenue Intelligence Implementation. They were open to our needs and managed our expectations. The team went above and beyond meeting needs and scope.
Salesforce Verified Customer (High Tech)
I sincerely appreciated the extra effort the full team made to not only get us ready (in a tight timeframe) with some key analytics for our sales team to use at our annual sales kick-off meeting, but then to adjust those analytics right after SKO, when we had some key changes in our core measurement value to use throughout the deployed analytics.
Salesforce Verified Customer (High Tech)
Egen was on top of our project from the initial introduction call. They helped make quick fixes on the spot and scoped out the timeline and needs confidently for the rest of the SOW. They completed the work in the allotted time and shared detailed follow-up documents to ensure we could perform these tasks on our own in the future.
Salesforce Verified Customer (Manufacturing)

Here are examples of how we help clients unlock the full potential of Salesforce:

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Meet the team

Ahmed Megahed
Ahmed Megahed
Ecosystem Partner Lead, Salesforce

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