Upskilling professionally and personally at Egen

Vamsi Sannidhanam is always eager to take on a new challenge. He is upskilling himself and his team – personally and professionally – with Egen.

Portrait of Vamsi Sannidhanam

Vamsi worked in financial services and health care but wanted to push his career in a new direction. He learned about opportunities to broaden his reach and experience with Egen from a friend working at the company.

Vamsi leads a team of people to improve and expand their skills and bring the best Salesforce analytics that can help clients solve for their challenges and opportunities. “I appreciate that we have high energy and talented people at Egen,” Vamsi said. “Everyone is eager to explore, learn, and grow through new advances in various technologies.”

To deliver even more value for Egen clients, Vamsi co-led a team of people at Egen’s India Development Center to earn certifications across seven Salesforce clouds. He also led an effort to train people in advanced techniques for the SQL programming language and the extract, transform, and load – or ETL – data integration process to better serve Egen clients on projects where those skills are useful.

Vamsi has upskilled personally while at Egen through his interest in music. He began playing the cajon, also known as the clapbox, with the Egen band. The other band members play instruments ranging from the keyboard and guitar to the flute. The band plays for events at the office and sometimes gathers to play for fun after office hours. The band has joined in Egen volunteer efforts including entertaining elderly with the Joy Foundation.

I love exploring my musical side with the band,” Vamsi said. “It has been a fun way to learn the instrument and build a strong connection with other members of the band.”

Vamsi is an eager and active participant in activities around the office. He encourages other people to join in the fun, including weekly dance fitness sessions, cricket tournaments, and table tennis.

The Egen core values resonate with Vamsi, especially ‘client obsessed’ and ‘one team.’

“For me, client obsessed is about making it easier for them to achieve their goals. I dig in to really understand their pain points so we can come up with outstanding solutions,” he said. “And as we do this, I strongly believe we achieve our best work when we work as one team. We are committed to work together and maximize their value.” 

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