Encouraging a culture of learning at Egen

Joining Egen was a moment of “aspiration meets opportunity” for Nirvan Jain, as he describes it.

People Story - Nirvan Jain

He already had a successful career as a software engineer, and he was looking to continue expanding his skill set by taking on more technical and management responsibilities. A recruiter from Egen reached out to him just as he was looking to make this career shift, and he quickly knew it was the right fit. 

As a software engineering manager at Egen, Nirvan has successfully led and contributed to several of Egen’s biggest client projects, spanning work with organizations in the health care, life sciences, retail, and technology industries. 

“No matter what client project I am working on, I have learned something new every day in my time at Egen,” Nirvan said. “I love that the culture here encourages everyone to keep learning and exploring new ideas.” 

Nirvan embodies this culture of learning by advocating for his team members to keep trying new things without the fear of failure. 

“Even if someone tries something new and it fails, I remind them it is an important part of learning and growth. We can always find the correct path forward together. My motto is for everyone to take risks so they can learn and grow,” Nirvan said. 

Nirvan is very excited about the recent merger between Egen and SpringML because he sees it opening the door to an even wider range of learning opportunities on client projects and challenges across cloud, data, AI, and platforms. 

The Egen core value of ‘integrity’ is especially important to Nirvan. 

Integrity is the essential element. It is important to have the right skills and talent, but having the right attitude and work ethic is what sets us apart and helps us go above and beyond for our clients.”
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Outside of work, Nirvan often attends events and courses to continue expanding his technical and leadership skills.

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