Empowering people through mentorship at Egen

Diane Baiao has continually embraced learning by doing throughout her career. Now, she is empowering her colleagues at Egen by mentoring and supporting them along their learning journeys.


Prior to joining Egen, Diane earned seven awards from employers for her dedication to expanding her skillset and her commitment to excellence. She demonstrated this excellence with initiatives including transforming how one company used Salesforce by customizing the tool to the sales team’s needs. The sales team’s use of the tool rose from 10% to 85% within four months of the changes Diane implemented.

Based on her experience with Salesforce, Egen recruited Diane as a consultant, and she serves as the project lead with several key clients. She has built Salesforce cloud sites and security models for analytics projects building on her strong skills and experience.

Diane leads by example and takes pride in mentoring her early-career colleagues and showing them how to learn and apply their Salesforce skills to help clients achieve their goals. “A manager must always be approachable,” Diane said. “I believe making yourself available as a mentor helps early-career people thrive in the workplace. When your team members know they can come to you for advice and feel comfortable asking questions, then they will continue to grow.”

Outside of work, Diane volunteers as a team lead for the Cancer Society CIBC Run for the Cure in Canada. It is a personal cause for Diane, whose mother is a four-time cancer survivor and whose daughter is currently in treatment for breast cancer. “I am all in for this important cause to find a cure for cancer,” Diane said.

By acting as one team, we share a wealth of knowledge and ideate together to deliver value to our clients. We have a far greater impact than if people were just figuring things out on their own.”
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As part of the Egen team, she embraces all the core values and has a strong affinity to ‘one team.’


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