Bringing bold, creative marketing to Egen

Julie Kalwani built an impressive track record of bold marketing for the retail industry, and now she is applying her skills and experience as part of the marketing team at Egen.

People Story - Julie Kalwani

Julie takes pride in being able to think quickly and decisively, even under pressure. This was on full display early one morning when a fire broke out where she worked. Her quick response with a fire extinguisher stopped the blaze from causing significant damage, earning her a bravery award and recognition at a ceremony in front of thousands of people.

When Julie started looking to challenge herself more and apply her marketing skills in sectors beyond retail, she learned about Egen from a friend working at the company. As Julie explored the impact Egen delivers for its clients and the company’s focus on being a great place to work, she knew joining was the next step she wanted to take in her career.

She started at Egen in the Hyderabad office as part of the marketing team. Her talent and keen interest in marketing have made Julie a valuable asset to the company. Highly organized and creative, she keeps an eye on the latest marketing trends and technologies and finds ways of applying those to her work.

Her management of campaigns and events with ecosystem partners including Google Cloud have continually delivered strong results.

“I’m passionate about discovering imaginative methods to capture people’s interest,” Julie said. “I believe in being bold and thinking outside the box to connect with our audience, drive engagement, and achieve our marketing goals.”
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When she is not working, Julie volunteers her time as a co-founder of the nonprofit Kavya Foundation. The volunteer organization started with six members and has grown to more than 300 volunteers across India. “We founded this nonprofit organization to create a more inclusive and compassionate world,” Julie said. “We help because we know each small step we take matters.”

Kavya Foundation has worked on causes including supporting orphanages by providing stationary to children and empowering widowed women with donated sewing machines and learning opportunities so they can gain skills to support themselves. Julie is especially passionate about promoting yoga, meditation, the environment, and the arts through the group.

She is teaching the power of giving back to the next generation, too, by bringing along her young daughter to volunteer events to see firsthand the difference it makes in people’s lives. “Giving back is a very heartwarming experience for me and my family,” Julie said.

Egen’s core values of ‘pushing boundaries’ and ‘ingenuity’ deeply resonate with Julie’s marketing approach. “I thrive on exploring uncharted territories, pushing the limits of creativity, and embracing innovative strategies. By challenging conventional thinking and leveraging emerging trends, I aim to create impactful and memorable marketing campaigns. These core values not only inspire me but also serve as a guiding force in my marketing approach.”

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