Bringing a continuous learning mindset to Egen

The Egens’s core value of being ‘client obsessed’ resonates most with Camilo Guerrero. 

People Story - Camilo Guerrero

Camilo Guerrero was always fascinated by computers, even building some of his own while growing up. He taught himself to code with online courses and became a full-stack engineer. In April 2019, Egen recruited Camilo to bring his skills to the team. 

One of the first things Camilo noticed about the people at Egen was how humble everyone is across all levels of the company. Even senior developers are committed to continuing to learn, along with mentoring junior developers.  

“I really appreciate the culture of learning here, since continuing to learn is important to me professionally and personally,” Camilo said. 

He currently leads a team working with a precision medicine company on creating a dashboard that helps make clinical trials more efficient. One thing he enjoys most about working at Egen is that he can take on new challenges every week and find different ways to apply his full-stack engineering skills while helping clients.

A strong believer in continuous learning, Camilo is constantly taking new courses and keeping up with the latest technology developments, especially in Egen’s core expertise areas of cloud, data, AI, and platforms. 

Following the merger of Egen and SringML, Camilo is eager to keep learning from an even wider pool of experienced engineers with diverse skill sets. 

Bringing together our two companies gives me more opportunities to gain insights on what I should be learning next and how to keep my skills sharp on emerging technologies.”
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“For me, that is the root of all of our other values at Egen. Being client obsessed means bringing our natural curiosity to learn about the client’s challenges, pushing boundaries to solve those challenges and find new opportunities, and being pragmatic and authentic throughout that process,” Camilo said.  

Outside of work, Camilo is a health and fitness enthusiast and enjoys spending time with his three young children.

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