Creating real-world value with the Egen GenAI Lab

Creating real-world value with the Egen GenAI Lab

By Andrew Hamel 

Generative AI (GenAI) was everywhere at Google Cloud Next ’24. Technology breakthroughs over the past year and the latest Google Cloud advancements are unlocking opportunities for organizations to accelerate their use of GenAI

The key to unlocking the full potential of GenAI, though, will be to move beyond proofs of concept and into applications that drive real-world value for organizations across industries. 

GenAI continues advancing at a rapid pace, constantly adding new variables to how organizations can adopt the technology. Seeing how rapidly this technology would advance, Egen launched the GenAI Lab one year ago. Our GenAI Lab team explores, analyzes, tests, and applies tools across the latest GenAI advances. We stay in lockstep with the GenAI experimentation and product development of our ecosystem partners, Google Cloud and others, to ensure we keep up on the newest innovations. 

Moving toward true GenAI adoption requires careful planning and testing to achieve high-quality and trusted outcomes:

  • A GenAI app should be rigorously tested to ensure it always provides accurate answers to relevant questions. If a user asks an off-topic question, the tool should tell them. 
  • The tool should be designed to tell users that it will not handle any harassing or violent speech. 
  • Testing should be in place to check what the GenAI tool will do if a user tries to make the model generate something damaging or affect its functionality. 
  • Data quality checks and testing should also help minimize the risk of any “hallucinations” in the GenAI model, where it serves up nonsensical, inaccurate, or outdated information to users. Integrating the datastore used by the GenAI application into the organization’s continuous integration and continuous deployment pipeline is crucial. 
  • Security needs to be integrated across the GenAI pipeline: Securing the data being used in the model, how data is ingested, and the model itself. 

The Egen GenAI Lab helps organizations across industries chart a path from the art of the possible to the art of the practical, moving from proofs of concept to real-world applications that unlock the value of generative AI.

We bring engineering and domain knowledge from across industries to solve for challenges that GenAI can uniquely tackle, developing best practices for data quality, implementing thorough testing for accuracy and effectiveness, and ensuring security and trust across the GenAI pipeline. 

See how Egen unleashes the transformative power of data and AI: Explore our solution demos to see how we drive impact across industries, from government and health care to retail.

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