Using AI to drive actionable marketing insights with Tableau Pulse: A CrowdStrike use case

Learn how Egen developed a strategic approach using Tableau Pulse to provide marketing insights and boost pipeline generation for the CrowdStrike leadership team.

We dive into the practical applications, benefits, and criteria for successful adoption of Tableau Pulse, along with a live demonstration of its capabilities.

Watch this on-demand webinar on using AI with Tableau Pulse, featuring a real-world case study from CrowdStrike. Discover how AI-driven analytics with Tableau Pulse empowers organizations to make informed decisions.

Plus, gain exclusive insights from Steven Mostello, Solution Engineer at Tableau on the future of Tableau Pulse.

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Abby Kai Liu-Crowdstrike
Abby Kai Liu
Director, Marketing and Growth Analytics, CrowdStrike

Joel Day-Egen
Joel Day
Analytics Architect, Egen

Steven Mostello
Steven Mostello
Solution Engineer, Salesforce

Moderated by

Riz Ebrahim
Riz Ebrahim
Communications, Media, and Technology Lead, Egen

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