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Accelerate retail growth: Unleash the power of GenAI

Consumer buying habits and purchase behavior continue to evolve. Unleashing the power of GenAI has the potential to help retailers stay ahead of the changing dynamics. By taking advantage of consumer data and the game changing technology of GenAI retailers can accelerate growth and operate at peak performance.

Watch this webinar for the kickoff of our retail GenAI webinar series, hosted by Egen CTO Chris Bjornson with our engineering experts Praveen Salitra and Andrew Hamel. We break down the complexities of generative AI, making it easy to understand its capabilities and how it can benefit your business.

Key takeaways:

  • Power of Generative AI 101: Gain a clear understanding of how to unleash the power of GenAI, how it works, and various use cases and solutions in retail.
  • Speed to value: Learn a practical framework for evaluating GenAI solutions to ensure they fit your specific goals and strategy to drive value for your business.
  • From inspiration to implementation: Get practical tips and considerations for successfully integrating your GenAI approach into your existing workflow.

By watching this webinar, gain the knowledge and confidence to explore the new possibilities of GenAI that will accelerate growth and operational performance. Watch today!


Portrait of Chris Bjornson
Chris Bjornson
Chief Technology Officer, Egen

Praveen Salitra
Praveen Salitra
Vice President, Technology, Egen

Andrew Hamel
Andrew Hamel
 ML/AI Architect, Egen

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