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The challenge

Organizations need visibility across the revenue lifecycle — from marketing and sales to finance — to generate actionable insights and remain competitive. Often, visibility is limited due to siloed approaches and systems that make it challenging to find patterns, forecast, prioritize the flow of new business, and take the necessary actions that can contribute to growth in sales and revenue.

Organizations that are not making the most of data across the revenue lifecycle will quickly fall behind their competitors:


It is estimated that through 2024, half of organizations will deploy AI and machine learning-based technologies to assist field sales with recommendations for the next best action.



Organizations with accurate forecasts are 10% more likely to grow revenue year-over-year and twice as likely to be at the top of their field.



97% of organizations that implemented best-in-class forecasting processes achieved quotas, compared to 55% of organizations that did not.


At a glance

Our revenue intelligence solutions combine data with artificial intelligence and automation to create visibility across the revenue lifecycle.

Sales leaders use revenue intelligence to forecast with confidence, monitor pipeline health, prioritize opportunities, identify the best next actions for sellers to take, win more quickly and efficiently, and hit forecasts every time.

Revenue intelligence uses AI to perform advanced analysis and uncover trends that would otherwise be lost in a sea of data. This solution can help:

Find patterns and identify which opportunities are best to pursue.

Select new business deals to forecast, then forecast with accuracy and automate revenue insights.

Determine which actions help close deals, including ways to accelerate sales and handle objections.

The impact

Revenue intelligence provides real-time visibility into metrics and KPIs to support insight-based decisions.

With embedded analytics capabilities, revenue intelligence allows for real-time visibility into metrics and KPIs that an organization knows are linked to successful outcomes.

Organizations can unlock predictive analytics to foresee market trends, enabling them to create future-proof strategies that drive sustainable growth and circumvent revenue pitfalls even before they emerge.

Revenue intelligence transforms raw data into actionable insights for crafting personalized customer experiences and interactions that not only meet but exceed expectations, leading to increased customer retention and loyalty.

Revenue intelligence empowers teams with the information to support insight-based decisions and ensure all members of a sales team are successful.

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