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Proactively monitoring [infrastructure] to reduce costs and improve safety


The challenge

Critical infrastructure assets in state and local governments across the United States face multifaceted challenges, including pervasive potholes, cracks, road deterioration, blight, and damaged maintenance covers. These pain points demand immediate attention and comprehensive solutions to ensure public safety.

At a glance

CityVision detects and maps issues and helps government crews prioritize and plan efficient routes to fix potholes, blocked storm drains, overgrown weeds, and more. In addition, this solution expands to include detections for litter, clogged utility drains, and other infrastructure or beautification needs, so government agencies can better serve residents.

Government agencies can use advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms to predict maintenance needs, optimizing asset management and reducing downtimes while achieving cost reduction through data-driven insights and predictive analytics.

The impact

CityVision transforms existing assets such as installed cameras in intersections and on public transportation vehicles into intelligent infrastructure monitors, enabling proactive problem identification and resolution. With these insights, governments can proactively create safer, more efficient, and more livable neighborhoods. This solution also improves safety for public employees by automatically gathering images for analysis, without the need for people to manually inspect infrastructure.

In Costa Mesa, our solution has driven:


Government employee work hours saved annually



Reduction in cost and maintenance time



Maintenance covers inspected annually



Street miles reviewed annually


In Memphis, our solution resulted in:


Potholes identified and analyzed



Accuracy of pothole detection



Annual savings from reduced pothole claims and maintenance cost



Accuracy of vacant property prediction


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