[Improve] the management and protection of fish and wildlife populations

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The challenge

Tracking, managing, and protecting fish and wildlife is necessary for healthy ecosystems. These tasks require massive amounts of data and complex analysis to arrive at the right decisions.

The tracking devices in tags and radio collars on fish and wildlife generate large data sets that are often stored in unwieldy spreadsheets. These spreadsheets provide a wealth of information on migration, population, and demographic data, but finding patterns and extracting insights from this data is challenging and error-prone work.

It puts more burden on an organization’s staff to manually analyze the information and develop action plans for fish and wildlife management. 

Outdated systems can make it hard for staff to manage the allotment and distribution of hunting and fishing licenses, too, as staff work to ensure a balanced ecosystem.

At a glance

We created Fish and Wildlife Population Management to empower organizations with tools for more efficiently and effectively managing animals.

This solution can:

Empower staff with real-time fish and wildlife data about migration, population, and demographics, such as species, sex, and age. 

Visualize animal data and track their locations in a user-friendly map.

Track and analyze fish and wildlife movement, ensuring their well-being and adapting conservation strategies accordingly.

Facilitate an efficient process to streamline hunting permit issuance and recommendations for a balanced ecosystem.

The impact

Fish and Wildlife Population Management provides real-time data and insights to track, manage, and protect animals.

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