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Criminal Justice Nexus

The challenge

Criminal justice information is important to a wide range of stakeholders, from state and local government agencies who need to report on it and use it to drive informed policies, to researchers seeking to identify trends, and citizens looking to better understand their communities.

With criminal justice data coming from a variety of legacy and siloed sources across government agencies, accessing and analyzing this information is challenging. Individual data sources present an incomplete picture of the incarcerated population, limiting transparency and collaboration among stakeholders looking to generate insights and make more informed decisions about policies. 

At a glance

Our Criminal Justice Nexus solution creates a central data hub of criminal justice data with a comprehensive view of the population of incarcerated people, that helps to improve transparency and collaboration.

This solution can:

Normalize and bring together data from state and local agencies in a centralized location.

Provide stakeholders with access to data on a range of important criminal justice variables, including admissions and releases, charges, sentencing, convictions, and correctional programming.

Report on the entire incarcerated population, not just people who have already been convicted and are in jail or prison.

Offer a view of the incarcerated population demographics, such as gender, race, and ethnicity.

Help users find the information needed to generate required regulatory and compliance reporting, grant proposals, and more.

Show incarceration events in chronological order on an anonymized individual-level basis, ensuring privacy and appropriately protecting sensitive data.

As we tailor Criminal Justice Nexus to meet your needs, Egen brings familiarity and knowledge of key criminal justice systems such as inmate management, offender management, and the courts. We bring industry, technical, and certified knowledge and experience to support our clients’ requirements related to restrictions, security, and anonymization of criminal justice data.

The impact

Bring criminal justice data into a central hub to help enhance transparency and drive informed policymaking.

In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, our solution captures the following:


Criminal-justice related events such as booking, sentencing, parole, and probation data



Past and present inmate demographic data including gender, race, and ethnicity


13 counties and 17 agencies

Sharing data from across the commonwealth, including the Massachusetts Department of Corrections, the Massachusetts Court System, the fingerprint office, and the parole and probation agencies


A few of the benefits include:

Dashboards for key personas to increase efficiencies, boost collaboration, and build data-driven policy and operations decisions.

Data-driven analysis of the effectiveness of programs offered by criminal justice agencies with a spotlight on gaps, disparities, and improvement opportunities.

Organized, aggregated data that meets privacy and security requirements.

Accessible data for independent study by researchers and the public to deepen their understanding of the criminal justice system.

Insights and resources

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Criminal Justice Nexus Solution Lead

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