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Create new [possibilities] with cloud, data, AI, and platforms

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We work with organizations across industries to help them unleash the power of cloud, data, AI, and platforms to empower people, create possibilities and deliver impact for the better.

We have helped hundreds of organizations accelerate their data and platform value chain journeys, including many of today’s top and emerging companies and state and local governments.

// Together, we:

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Build the digital foundation with cloud and platform architecture.


Unlock data and harness the power of platforms using cloud migration, data engineering, and platform engineering.


Generate insight through analytics and visualization.


Drive action with artificial intelligence and automation.


Create impact through industry and functional solutions.

Our solutions


Improve safety for public employees and citizens by automatically gathering images for analytics.

Create a central data hub for enhanced transparency, collaboration, and informed policymaking.

Aggregate customer interaction data from various applications and channels into one comprehensive dashboard view to empower data-driven decisions and improve content strategies.

Create a holistic view of customers, enabling a comprehensive understanding that fuels actionable insights and empowers effective retention strategies.

Ingest, extract, and classify data from documents with human-in-the-loop validation processing.

Empower staff with real-time fish and wildlife data about migration, population, and demographics, such as species, sex, and age.

Provide insights and drive informed, targeted prevention strategies, policy decisions, and treatment initiatives for addressing the ongoing opioid epidemic.

Solve precision medicine organizations’ unique data migration, infrastructure, pipeline, and data testing challenges, so they can focus on accelerating and transforming personalized patient care to save lives.

Improves the shopping experience, build customer loyalty, and drives more sales using multi-modal search and AI.

Apply the power of data to predictably deliver on revenue targets amid ever-evolving customer needs.

Resolve inquiries quickly and knowledgeably with generative AI deep-learning and language technologies, allowing human agents to focus on more complex issues.

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Our ecosystem partners

Many of our solutions are built on key platforms such as Google Cloud, Salesforce, Snowflake, and others.

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