Using data to generate insights and drive impact with Egen

Antas Mishra

Antas Mishra built a career as an engineer and product lead working in a range of industries before he started looking to join a more cutting-edge company where he could apply machine learning skills and drive greater impact. It was around then that he visited a job fair where he learned about Egen.

“I wanted to be part of this cultural and technological shift happening, where we are finding innovative ways of using data to generate actionable insights and create impact. When I saw how Egen works with clients on their data journeys, I knew it was the perfect match,” Antas said.

He was especially impressed by the pothole detection solution Egen, formerly known as SpringML, created for the City of Memphis using computer vision and machine learning, and he was eager to be part of similar projects to improve how governments can improve people’s lives daily.

Antas joined Egen and quickly advanced in his career, gaining skills and experiences as a data engineer and solution delivery lead with clients largely in the public sector including some very impactful work throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. For the State of Virginia, his team developed the COVIDWISE app, a free exposure notification tool for people to see if they had been physically close to someone who tested positive for COVID-19. The app had more than 1 million downloads. Michigan and North Carolina deployed similar apps, too.

Seeing the reach of the COVIDWISE app was a proud moment where I realized the power Egen gives me to impact people for the better – and even to possibly help save their lives by guiding them to seek testing and care.”

Antas also appreciates the culture at Egen. “I have always felt very welcomed to the Egen culture, and I love playing a key role in making this an environment that helps others feel a strong connection,” he said. “People at Egen respect, help and recognize each other.”

He is an active participant in volunteer opportunities through Egen, including spending time with and entertaining the elderly through the Joy Foundation. “It is hugely gratifying to make people smile and bring them some good memories,” Antas said.

Antas appreciates the Egen core values of ‘pushing boundaries’ and ‘one team’ as complementary, and central to his work. “Pushing boundaries is best done as one team, where we can work together to ask the right questions and achieve success,” he said.

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