Solving client challenges at Egen

Snigdha Majumdar identifies with the Egen core values of ‘ingenuity’ and ‘pushing boundaries.’ 

People Story - Snigdha Majumdar

As a child growing up in India, Snigdha Majumdar’s family encouraged her to explore a career in medicine or engineering. She enjoyed math and taking on new challenges, so she pursued a career as a software engineer.

She joined Egen in 2013 after a friend working with the company recommended she look into opportunities there. After a brief relocation to Australia while working with another company, Snigdha was excited about returning to working with Egen. 

One of the many things I love about Egen is that there are always new challenges to take on. It is really dynamic and continues challenging me to grow my skills in a supportive, fun culture where we all encourage each other.”
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Snigdha is now an engineering manager with Egen, where she brings a blend of technical and managerial skills. She currently leads a team working with an oncology platform company. She wears several hats, including managing a team, working on the technical build of solutions, and being a liaison to the client’s team to make sure the project brings in their industry insights.

“Every day is different as technology keeps advancing, but some of the fundamental challenges our clients face remain the same. I enjoy finding new ways to solve these challenges using the latest technologies,” Snigdha said.  

Following the merger of Egen and SpringML, Snigdha looks forward to more opportunities to work on new projects with clients in different industries. 

“I am naturally curious about everything,” she said. “I like asking questions and thinking about different ways of solving challenges. We have to be curious and imaginative as we work with clients to achieve the best outcomes.” 

Outside of work, Snigdha enjoys spending time with her child, hiking, and maintaining her health and fitness.

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