Exploring new technology possibilities at Egen

All of Egen’s core values resonate with Bryce Dunn, especially ‘pushing boundaries.’  

People Story - Bryce Dunn

In university, Bryce Dunn studied ancient Biblical languages, literatures and linguistics. As a senior software engineer at Egen, he is applying his passion for research, writing, and learning both in his work and by sharing his insights with others on relevant topics through blog posts. 

After finishing his undergraduate degree, Bryce was curious about the career opportunities he saw some of his friends pursuing in software engineering. He followed a friend’s recommendation to take a software engineering bootcamp, where he learned full-stack engineering skills. 

Soon after completing the bootcamp, Bryce joined Egen in March 2022. He climbed from associate software engineer to senior software engineer in less than 16 months. He also written several technical blog posts.  

“I have always loved the world of research and exploring topics from a theoretical and technical perspective,” Bryce said. “When I write about various topics in blog posts for Egen, I get to use my research to explore how new technologies might shape the future.” 

Now, Bryce is part of the team working on improving electronic health records for a precision medicine oncology platform company. 

“I enjoy constantly learning and engaging with different ideas. The recent merger of Egen and SpringML creates an even greater breadth of knowledge and experience across our people, and that brings opportunities for me to explore and engage with many new technologies, clients, people, and solutions,” Bryce said. 

I believe in breaking free from doing things the way they have always been done. I like to find the best new ways to solve challenges.”
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When he is not working, Bryce likes to spend time being active outdoors and at the beach in Chicago.

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