Continuing the learning journey at Egen

After nearly a decade of working in retail, Solomon Habib turned his lifelong love of learning into a career opportunity with Egen.

People Story - Solomon Habib

He had been working in retail since he was a teenager, and he was ready to make a career change. He started pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business administration and management at California State University, East Bay, in 2018.

Eager to continue learning outside of the classroom and give back to the community, he also volunteered with the American Red Cross while taking university classes. He volunteered more than 1,000 on-call hours in 2018 and was quickly promoted to a lead role, sharing his insights by educating new trainees. He spent weeks at a time assisting people who were displaced from their homes by fires in the Napa region of California.

I grew up in Northern California, and it was rewarding to help my community at a time of so much need.”
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His dedication earned a Disaster Cycle Services Exceptional Response Award from the American Red Cross Northern California Coastal Region, along with the President’s Volunteer Service Award.

Solomon graduated from university in 2020 and was looking for a way to accelerate his career when a friend suggested that Solomon apply to the Salesforce Pathfinder Program. The Pathfinder Program offers free training on the technical and business skills necessary to pursue career opportunities across the Salesforce ecosystem.

Solomon applied and was initially rejected, but he was not willing to take no for an answer. He wrote a letter highlighting how he contributed to the community through volunteer efforts while juggling his university education to advance his career. It landed him an interview, and he was accepted for the June-October 2021 Pathfinder Program cohort. He became one of the top participants of that cohort and was a speaker at the graduation ceremony.

Egen, which partners with Salesforce to hire Pathfinder Program graduates, was quick to ask Solomon to join the company, given how he had excelled. Solomon joined Egen, known at the time as SpringML, in November 2021 as a Salesforce Consultant intern for four months before becoming a full-time consultant in February 2022. Egen trusted Solomon to dive into working on many different projects — and to ask for support when needed.

“I am so grateful for the autonomy Egen gives me. My managers have confidence in me to be a self-guided learner,” Solomon said. “I can always reach out for help when I want to. I am proud to work at a company that has faith in my skills and ability to learn what I need to do my best work.”

All the core Egen values resonate with him, he said, especially ‘pushing boundaries.’

“I believe that if you are not at least a little uncomfortable, you are not growing and learning,” he said.

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