Egen unlocks data for [insights] in partnership with Tableau 

Man working on digital tablet
Man working on digital tablet

Egen helps organizations unlock value with a complete view of data to provide greater visibility and insights, enabling better decision making.

With expertise in analytics, business intelligence and AI, Egen enables organizations to maximize the value of Tableau by accelerating deployment and adoption, reducing the time to value, and enhancing the power of data visualization for the entire enterprise. 

Egen experts on Tableau provide:

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End-to-end, enterprise-wide roadmaps, data strategy and architecture.

Support for and integration with complementary offerings, including Snowflake, Fivetran, Alteryx, and Salesforce.

Augmented analytics.

Speed to implementation.

Our capabilities

Sales Performance Accelerator

This Tableau accelerator provides immediate visibility into which associates, sub-groups, or geographic regions have exceeded the company-wide median performance level for the chosen period.


SpringForwardTM for Tableau is designed to accelerate the deployment and adoption of the Tableau dashboard at a fixed price in as little as two weeks.

Along with a full-stack visual analytics dashboard, this package also includes coaching and enablement for quick adoption.

Salesforce Data Cloud + Tableau

Egen can help you maximize your organization’s potential with cutting-edge analytics and data-driven strategies.

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Client stories

Egen unleashes the power of data to create new possibilities. Here are a few examples of how we help clients unlock the full potential of Tableau: 

Insights and resources

Is your organization ready to make the most of Tableau and create [new] possibilities?

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