Egen generates actionable [insights] in partnership with Snowflake

Young male entrepreneur smiling and looking optimistic
Young male entrepreneur smiling and looking optimistic

Egen enables organizations to unlock the power of their data and gain actionable insights with Snowflake’s cloud data platform.

Whether they are migrating data to Snowflake or boosting analytics and machine learning capabilities, Egen’s team of strategists, advisors, architects, data scientists and engineers use automation, AI, and analytics to make the most of Snowflake’s architecture and empower people to solve real-world problems.

A Snowflake technology partner, Egen uses AI and automation to enable clients to connect and pull data, gain holistic views of their operations, and optimize use of their digital assets with Snowflake’s cloud data platform. We have completed projects for customers in a variety of industries and created solutions that involve integrations with many leading platforms, including Salesforce, Tableau, and Google Cloud.

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Custom solutions built on Google Cloud technologies and tools.

Specializations demonstrating our technical proficiency.

Expertise capabilities on products, solutions and industries.

Years of partnership spanning Public and Private Sectors.

Our capabilities

Egen experts help organizations use the Snowflake cloud data platform to store, analyze, and monetize data for solving real-world problems.

Data warehousing

Cloud data warehouses and data lake architecture for machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Data lake

Store large volumes of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data in its native format.

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Data engineering  

Scalable data pipelines for your cloud platform.

Data sharing and monetization  

Data sharing, buying and selling in the data cloud.

Data science  

Data science, business intelligence, machine learning and artificial intelligence in the data cloud.

Client stories

Here is what our clients say about how we help them unlock the full potential of Snowflake:

Insights and resources

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