Unleashing the power of data and AI at Dreamforce 2023

Data and AI are the central themes at Dreamforce 2023, with Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff and other Salesforce leaders making several exciting announcements in the keynote this morning.

Marketing specialist in glasses working on laptop computer in busy creative office.

As a Salesforce partner with expertise in unleashing the power of cloud, data, AI, and platforms for organizations, we look forward to helping clients maximize the value of these new capabilities, including generative AI (GenAI).

One of the big announcements today was the launch of the Einstein 1 Platform, an AI platform that will be integrated with Salesforce Data Cloud for bringing data and AI to every app. The platform will be integrated, intelligent, automated, and open. This tool will unlock new GenAI use cases for organizations to tap into data and create new possibilities.

We also kicked off our time at Dreamforce 2023 today with a session on building user-friendly dashboards to optimize marketing. Abby Kai Liu, the Marketing & Growth Analytics Director at CrowdStrike, joined Egen’s Riz Ebrahim, our Communications, Media, and Technology Lead, to explore strategies for creating effective marketing and sales dashboards that ensure data quality, integrity, and success. Abby shared tips for how organizations can use analytics to deliver the right insights and drive business impact. It was a packed session, and we thank everyone who joined in the insightful discussion.

We look forward to more announcements during Dreamforce 2023 about advances in unleashing the power of data and AI on Salesforce. We have a team of experts here at the event in San Francisco, where you can explore our data workshop, join our sessions, and connect with our team at Booth 1626.

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