The imperative for a new AI paradigm in sales intelligence


By Ian Hagerman

In today’s digital era, we are witnessing an unprecedented explosion of data, paralleled by the rapid maturation of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. This surge in data and AI capabilities presents vast opportunities for organizations and sales teams, yet it also introduces significant challenges. While organizations across industries are eager to harness the power of data and AI for sales intelligence, the reality is that much of the data remains unclean and unprepared for effective use. This hinders data integration and prevents organizations from realizing the full potential of layering AI-fueled efficiencies and insights on their sales data.

The gap between the potential of these technologies and the ability of teams to execute on them has never been more apparent. Sales reps currently spend only 28% of their week actually selling due to tedious tasks like data entry and analysis that still take up much of their time. The challenges are multifaceted, ranging from the technical aspects of cleaning and preparing data to the strategic elements of drawing insights from the data to improve decision-making across all aspects of sales. As organizations grapple with these issues, the need for a cohesive strategy to bridge these gaps and unlock the full potential of data and AI has never been more critical.

Egen stands at the forefront of addressing these challenges, driven by a vision to unleash the power of data for transformative change and impact. Our mission, rooted in empowering organizations through cloud, data, AI, and platform engineering, resonates with the current needs of the sales intelligence landscape.

Our approach to bridging the enablement gap within sales teams is not just about better using technology, but about human empowerment. By adopting an agile approach to harness the power of data and AI, we aim to simplify the complex and use both as catalysts for innovation and operational excellence.

Empowering sales intelligence: unleashing the future of revenue operations

In an era where generative AI is reshaping the sales landscape, the Salesforce platform emerges as a pivotal force, driving innovation and efficiency. Gartner predicts the integration of conversational user interfaces through generative AI will revolutionize B2B sales by 2028, necessitating a strategic pivot toward centralized “GenAI Operations.” 

Salesforce has strengthened its Sales Cloud with new Einstein features, detailed metrics, simplified setup experiences, and the integration of Data Cloud. Additionally, the introduction of the conversational AI assistant Einstein CoPilot has positioned Salesforce as a frontrunner, bridging the gap between traditional CRM functionalities and the cutting-edge demands of modern sales operations. With the latest Salesforce tools, every byte of data has the potential to become strategically impactful.

A unified ecosystem for sales excellence

The Salesforce platform transcends the capabilities of point solutions by offering a comprehensive suite of tools to empower intelligent sales. The platform provides an end-to-end experience for sales teams, allowing for streamlined workflows, enhanced data sharing, and a unified view of customer interactions. Approximately 94% of sales organizations plan to consolidate their tech stack in the next 12 months. This “single pane of glass” approach eliminates the inefficiencies of toggling between disparate systems, empowering teams with a cohesive platform for collaboration and data management.

Leveraging AI for competitive advantage

The incorporation of generative AI in Salesforce’s Data Cloud and Einstein CoPilot equips sales teams with advanced tools for decision-making, personalization, and customer engagement. This AI-driven approach not only automates mundane, time-consuming tasks but also provides deep insights into customer behavior, enabling targeted strategies that enhance pipeline visibility and win rates.

Breaking down silos for enhanced collaboration

The Salesforce platform strategy advocates for the dissolution of traditional barriers between sales, marketing, and customer success teams. As the job of sales professionals grows more difficult and fragmented, Salesforce enables a cohesive strategy that uses collective insights, driving unified goals and objectives while fostering an environment of cross-functional collaboration. This integrated approach is critical to deliver a consistent customer experience, ultimately enhancing satisfaction, loyalty, and pipeline growth.

Scaling with Salesforce for sales and revenue ops

Egen know-how and experience on how to best scale with an agile, tailored approach on the Salesforce platform provides a path for organizations who aim to optimize sales and revenue operations. We enable organizations to navigate the complexities of scale through tailored Salesforce solutions, using advanced AI and analytics for operational efficiency and innovation. Egen’s strategic focus on system integration and fostering collaboration ensures our clients adapt to growth and set new benchmarks in customer engagement and market agility.

Empowering every role

Egen’s approach to Salesforce integration revolutionizes the CRM experience, ensuring that every role involved in the customer life cycle is fueled with the precise information needed, exactly when and where it is needed. Sales professionals benefit from a streamlined, intuitive interface that not only boosts productivity but also sharpens their focus on the most promising opportunities, using insights for strategic upsell and cross-sell initiatives. Sales managers and leaders gain a panoramic view of sales pipelines and forecasts, enhanced by AI-driven analytics and dynamic scoring, to fine-tune lead prioritization and coach their teams with actionable, data-driven strategies. 

Finance and sales operations professionals harness the power of predictive analytics for spot-on revenue forecasting, diving deep into metrics like win rates and funnel dynamics to proactively steer sales strategies and operational planning. Egen helps organizations optimize every layer of the sales process for maximum efficiency, accuracy, and strategic foresight, setting new standards for CRM effectiveness.

Unleashing the power of Salesforce

With Egen, organizations unlock the full potential of Salesforce, transforming their sales and revenue operations into a scalable, future-ready powerhouse. Working in collaboration with our clients, we help redefine the sales and revenue operations landscape. Our holistic approach to data and AI, coupled with our commitment to empowering organizations with Salesforce expertise, ensures that our clients are well-positioned to innovate, scale, and lead as the sales landscape continues to evolve.

Are you ready to unleash the power of data and AI for sales intelligence? Contact our team today to get started.

Are you ready to [unleash] the power of data and AI for sales intelligence?

Contact our team today to get started.

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