Insights from the 2024 HIMSS Global Health Conference

Insights from the 2024 HIMSS Global Health Conference

By Sujit Ratnayake

This year’s HIMSS Global Health Conference and Exhibition in Orlando, Florida, was packed with insights.

In his keynote speech, HIMSS President and CEO Harold F. Wolf III talked about three key trends for the health and life sciences industry:

  • Sustainability of practice: The shortage of physicians, clinicians, and nurses is forcing health care systems to find ways of making their operations more efficient than ever. 
  • Sustainability of large systems: Health and life sciences organizations need to modernize their systems to compete in today’s landscape and provide the best care and patient experiences.  
  • Sustainability of the environment: The industry is thinking about how to be a better environmental steward, especially at a time when it contributes 8.5% of carbon emissions in the United States.

The focus on large systems and sustainability are areas where Egen is uniquely positioned to unlock value for health and life sciences organizations as they modernize their technology to drive efficiencies across their care models to better serve patients. These advancements will require expertise in cloud, data, AI, and platforms, all of which Egen brings deep expertise and experience in, building on our work with many health and life sciences organizations.

One key factor driving modernization is that patients have different expectations for care today than they did even a few years ago, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic showed the possibility for some care to be conveniently delivered virtually. More organizations are looking to implement advances such as remote monitoring, telehealth, and telemedicine. 

Data, analytics, and AI will be crucial to the success of these new care methods, whether an organization is looking to more effectively centralize data from multiple patient monitors, check-in remotely and identify trends with a patient being treated at home, or analyze treatment options and predict health outcomes for patients. 

Another trend within the focus on large systems is the shift to value-based care. This concept emphasizes the quality of care, provider performance, and patient experience as what should be valued most. In the U.S., the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services is promoting the shift to value-based care and payments centered on this approach, where patients are charged based on their outcomes rather than on the number of interactions they have with the health system. 

We expect to see many more health and life sciences organizations focusing on the patient experience, patient care, personalized care, and personalized medicine.  At Egen, we have proven expertise in these areas through our work including generating actionable insights for a leading health care services providers, improving the speed and accuracy of clinical data analysis for a large health care provider, creating dashboards to improve health insights for UnitedHealthcare, and empowering better patient care with AI for a precision medicine company. 

We are excited to bring our expertise in cloud, data, AI, and platforms to fuel the next wave of efficiencies that can help health and life sciences organizations provide the best care and patient experiences.

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