Improve forecasting with the Revenue Intelligence Quick Start from Egen

Drive predictable revenue with data-driven selling powered by Revenue Intelligence.

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By Ahmed Megahed and Michael Knowles

Sales leaders today recognize that to compete effectively, they need to empower their sales organizations to monitor pipeline health, analyze opportunities, and take the best next actions to close deals.

The Revenue Intelligence solution powered by Salesforce unlocks these possibilities, so your organization can drive predictable revenue using data-driven selling with actionable insights and adaptable strategies.

Revenue Intelligence creates visibility across the revenue lifecycle and accelerates time to value. It brings together the power of the Salesforce Sales Cloud, Tableau, and any relevant external data sources for your organization. It then infuses this information with analytics and AI-driven insights throughout the workflow of your sales team.

With Revenue Intelligence, sales teams can:

Increase forecast accuracy.

Track progress toward reaching targets.

Take any corrective action early.

Revenue Intelligence comes with out-of-the-box, industry focused dashboards that are readily customizable, so organizations can tailor the metrics, forecasts, and insights to their unique needs. 

Get started with Revenue Intelligence

To start turning data insights into action for your organization with Revenue Intelligence, Egen provides two quick start offerings to get you up and running as little as two weeks. These quick starts expedite the process of integrating Revenue Intelligence into your organization for success today and tomorrow.

Contact us today to begin your Revenue Intelligence journey.  

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