Exploring the future of transformative technology at Google Cloud Next

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It’s been an incredible week at Google Cloud Next 2023, an event that shed light on the transformational journey GCP is leading for organizations across all industries.

The insights we gained were inspiring and eye-opening. Here are some of the highlights that stood out:

Co-creating pragmatic solutions

The latest advances from Google Cloud will drive a paradigm shift for organizations in the private sector and public sector alike. The ongoing integration of generative AI (GenAI) in Google Cloud holds astounding potential for driving innovation.

What truly resonated with me was Google Cloud’s emphasis on co-creating outcome-based solutions alongside partners. It is a refreshing departure from the traditional top-down implementation model. This pragmatic approach paves the way for tailored solutions that genuinely address the unique needs of organizations and the citizens and customers they serve.

Empowering expertise in strategy

One of the standout initiatives Google Cloud is pursuing is the recruitment of subject matter experts from sectors including state and local government, education, and health care. By bringing in experts who have deep experience delivering game-changing initiatives, Google Cloud is setting itself up for new heights of success. These experts’ insights will help shape a strategy grounded in real-world knowledge.

Partnering for a brighter future

For GCP partners like Egen, the Cloud Next’23 sessions illuminated both past successes and the evolving opportunities for applying Google Cloud’s new capabilities. Attending these sessions equipped us with insights to better serve our clients in the ever-evolving technology landscape.

We are excited about the possibilities we can create in collaboration with GCP. The journey ahead is humbling, especially when organizations share stories of the real-world impact these solutions are having on their customers and citizens. It reinforces our commitment to driving positive change through technology.

Google Cloud Next’23 was a truly enlightening experience. From transformative AI applications to the collaborative spirit of co-creation, the event encapsulated the essence of progress and innovation. The exciting journey continues, and we at Egen are thrilled to be a part of it.

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