Exploring new possibilities with Einstein GPT

Like other advances in artificial intelligence this year, Salesforce’s announcement of Einstein GPT is generating a lot of buzz.

Woman on video sales call with potential client

At Egen, we view generative AI (GenAI) as a powerful enabler that can enhance productivity and scale the use of data-driven insights across many scenarios. Einstein GPT, the new GenAI tool for the Salesforce platform, likewise promises to unleash new insights and possibilities.

Einstein GPT brings together Salesforce’s proprietary AI models with GenAI technology from an ecosystem of partners and real-time data from the Salesforce Data Cloud. Einstein GPT is fueled in part by advanced AI models like OpenAI, the maker of the large language model chatbot known as ChatGPT.

Now that Salesforce is making these GenAI integrations directly, we can look forward to many new AI-powered features coming to the Salesforce platform.

Einstein GPT can connect with all of the Salesforce clouds. Some of the use cases for it so far include:

  • Sales: Use conversational intelligence to guide sellers and accelerate time to close. Salespeople can use Einstein GPT to generate personalized text that is most likely to convert a lead into a client.
  • Service: Boost agent productivity and customize customer interactions with Einstein Bots. These bots can quickly answer customer questions without the need for a human agent. A customer shopping on a website for televisions, for example, could ask the bot to give it a list of products with certain features or within a set price range.
  • Marketing: Personalize engagement with real-time insights and timely recommendations. Marketers can generate targeted content to increase campaign response rates.
  • Commerce: Create intelligent product recommendations, tailored product sorting, and more meaningful search results.

Einstein GPT holds exciting potential for helping developers, too. It can auto-generate high-quality code and help developers identify the right snippet of code or workflow for the desired outcome.

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