Evolving our strategic partnership with Google Cloud

Evolving our strategic partnership with Google Cloud

By Jeff Guilfoyle

Egen is proud to partner with Google Cloud, and our discussions during the Partner Summit at Google Cloud Next ’24 highlighted the strength of our position for driving value in our joint work with organizations. 

Google Cloud wants its partners of the future to bring together technology expertise and industry insights that are relevant to this era of rapid advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Partners need to understand how new technologies like generative AI (GenAI) can be applied to real-world use cases across industries to help transform organizations and drive value for them.

At Egen, we bring domain knowledge in industries including the public sector, health, life sciences, and retail. We combine this domain knowledge with our cloud, data, AI, and platforms expertise to develop solutions such as the Precision Medicine Platform, using data and AI to improve patient outcomes. 

Our proven solutions across industries have helped hundreds of organizations accelerate their data and platform value chain journeys, including many of today’s top and emerging companies and state and local governments. These solutions make it easy for organizations to think beyond proofs of concept and hit the ground running, quickly moving into adoption and implementation of solutions that empower people, create possibilities, and deliver impact for the better. 

Our solution capabilities were on full display at Google Cloud Next, where we shared demos of CityVision, Retail Recommendation Engine, Criminal Justice Nexus, and Customer Retention Journey

We work with organizations to iterate on and evolve these solutions to meet their unique needs. Our continued iterations and innovations are also fueled by the recent establishment of our Centers of Excellence within Egen to drive work with our two key ecosystem partners, Google Cloud and Salesforce. Our investment in these Centers of Excellence creates a framework for us to double down on developing innovative, client-relevant solutions. Our Egen Center of Excellence on Google Cloud will serve as a hub for creating robust industry and functional solutions drawing on our expertise across cloud, data, AI, and platforms. 

Our recent recognition by Everest Group as a Major Contender in Google Cloud Services adds to our momentum as a Google Cloud partner, and it reinforces our position as a key player to help organizations unlock the full value of the Google Cloud ecosystem.

The technology announcements coming out of Google Cloud Next ’24 prove that Google Cloud continues to innovate at lightning speed. Egen is dedicated to continuing to evolve alongside our partner, bringing our technology expertise and industry insights to creating new possibilities for our clients.

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