Creating new possibilities at Google Cloud Next

Google Cloud Next 2023 is off to an exciting start, with several announcements from Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian in his keynote on Tuesday morning about bringing the power of AI to the cloud.

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As a Google Cloud partner with leading capabilities in cloud, data, AI, and platforms, we look forward to helping clients unleash the power of these new Google Cloud capabilities to maximize their value.

One example of where we see game-changing possibilities for organizations across all industries is how Duet AI is being applied to app modernization and migration. Duet AI can now provide expert assistance with modernizing applications faster by rewriting code. It can also help with database migrations by automating the conversion of code.

These new features from Duet AI bring unparalleled speed and accuracy to modernization and migration, a process that used to take months of manual, error-prone work. This empowers technology experts in all organizations to focus on higher-value work instead of the tedious fundamentals.

Another advancement Google Cloud is underscoring is the “bring your own model” approach that allows models to be trained and applied to data that sits anywhere within or outside the enterprise. Vertex is an open platform that allows organizations to use foundational models built by Google, custom models built within the organization, or third-party models.

With the recent announcement of the Vertex AI extensions, organizations can now connect into third-party systems, where generative AI (GenAI) tools can be used to take action on all of their data. This will make things like customer service chatbots more helpful than ever before, since they can draw on information from enterprise systems such as Salesforce.

For example, imagine using an AI-driven chatbot to seamlessly schedule an appointment with the DMV where the chatbot can quickly access information to understand that you are probably looking to renew your vehicle registration. The AI-driven chatbot benefits both the individual and the DMV by serving up a streamlined, timely, and effortless experience.

We look forward to more announcements during Google Cloud Next 2023 about advances in the cloud and AI. We have a team of experts here at the event in San Francisco through 31 August, where we are sharing solution demos at Booth 430 in the exhibit hall. Our demos highlight the transformative power of GenAI and explore innovative solutions that use data-driven insights to empower organizations and people.

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