Bringing the possibilities of AI to the public sector

The big buzz at Google Cloud Next 2023 is all about AI.

timelapse photo of highway during golden hour, Jackson Street Bridge, Atlanta, United States

From the keynotes and sessions to the partner discussions and exhibit hall demos, it is clear the possibilities of generative AI (GenAI) are on everyone’s mind.

As the president of public sector digital services at Egen, formerly known as SpringML, I look forward to exploring how GenAI will transform public services in particular. The power of AI in the Google Cloud Platform makes it easier than ever to combine massive amounts of data from various sources, fueling real-time analytics and actionable insights that will help federal, state, and local government agencies do their jobs better and more efficiently to serve their citizens.

Imagine, for example, transportation agencies’ ability to harness insights from the vast amounts of data already being generated by public transportation vehicle safety cameras. That data could alert transportation agencies to potholes, manhole damage, or other dangerous road conditions daily without having to wait for a maintenance team to otherwise detect the issue, leading to faster repairs and improved public safety. There are numerous other infrastructure intelligence opportunities beyond transportation that can benefit from AI solutions, including buildings and bridges.

GenAI will also launch significant advancements for public sector services like 311 service virtual agents by bringing improved efficiency to the way these tools are built, deployed, and updated. We anticipate this will drive further adoption and comfort to deploy chatbots in the public sector, benefiting both citizens and government employees. The public can interact with chatbots to quickly take care of routine public service needs, freeing up human agents to focus on assisting citizens with more complex requests.

Egen’s recent company merger positions us uniquely as a Google Cloud Partner with leading capabilities in cloud, data, AI, and platforms. With this deep expertise, we can build end-to-end solutions that unleash the power of data for public sector needs such as infrastructure intelligence and many areas of health and human services, including the opioid crisis.

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