The power of generative AI: Perspectives on a path forward

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Recent advances in generative AI have swiftly captivated the imagination of people in academia, business, governments, and beyond. These groundbreaking advancements have opened up endless possibilities and sparked a wave of excitement across various industries, including the public sector. Governments at the local, state, and federal levels have recognized the potential of generative AI to fundamentally change how they serve their constituents and improve operational effectiveness.

In this discussion, we explore the transformative impact of generative AI in the public sector, discuss its applications, challenges, and benefits, and share practical advice on how to get started. Join us as we explore the disruptive power of generative AI and the opportunities it presents for the public sector.

Discussion host Charles Landry, President for Public Sector Digital Services of Egen, kicks off the session and introduces experts Sindhu Adini of Egen and Peter Fisher of Google Cloud.

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