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Unleash data and platforms to create [next-generation] treatments and better outcomes 

Scientists working in the laboratory
Scientists working in the laboratory

Life sciences organizations want to move fast on creating innovative new possibilities for improving patients’ lives, all while facing compliance and security requirements, operational and cost pressures, manufacturing and supply chain challenges, and increasing competition.

We help life sciences organizations unleash the power of cloud, data, AI, and platforms to innovate and stay ahead of the curve and create next-generation treatments for better health outcomes.

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// Extracting value from documents

Document intelligence

Manage document intelligence that includes ingesting, extracting, and classifying data from documents with human-in-the-loop validation processing. The solution can handle use cases including invoice processing, patient registry and admission, patient ID and health records, medical or insurance claims, and blood drives and records.

Female research scientist sitting in a medical laboratory office, and working on computer

// Digitizing the R&D cycle

Cloud migration

Plan, execute, and manage the transition of IT resources, applications, and data from on-premises or legacy systems to a cost-optimizing cloud environment. Create a comprehensive migration strategy, including selecting the right cloud provider and solutions along with the best cloud architecture for your goals, requirements, optimizing performance, security, and cost.

Data licensing models  

Establish a data licensing approach and implement safe-harbor data standards to securely share data with pharmaceutical partners while protecting patient privacy. Keep the patient at the center of everything while powering a connection between the clinical side of health care and the world of research.

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Michael Miller
Health & Life Sciences Lead

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Rahul Singh
Health & Life Sciences Lead

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