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Egen at Google Cloud Next

Join us at Google Cloud Next ’24 to harness the transformative power of data and platforms that create new possibilities

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Egen is a velocity sponsor at Google Cloud Next ’24, the three-day global event of inspiration, innovation, exploration and education taking place in Las Vegas from 9 – 11 April.

Through our Egen data and engineering expertise and Google Cloud innovation, we will demonstrate how our collaboration drives transformative change, seamlessly integrating leading cloud and data technologies to empower organizations. Join us to create new possibilities at Google Cloud Next ’24.

Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas

9-11 April 2024

Visit us at Booth: 1451

Egen in action with Google Cloud

Meet the team

Saleem Janmohamed
Saleem Janmohamed
Chairman and CEO

Portrait of Chris Bjornson
Chris Bjornson
Chief Technology Officer

Praveen Salitra
Praveen Salitra
Chief Architect & Innovation Lead

Charles Landry
Charles Landry
President, Digital Services – Public Sector

Raghu Potini
Raghu Potini
President, Digital Services – Commercial

Insights and resources

Explore our solutions at Google Cloud Next `24


Egen CityVision identifies road and other infrastructure challenges that require repairs and ongoing maintenance. This solution helps state and local governments reduce infrastructure costs, improve maintenance efficiencies, increase public safety, and enhance efficiencies.

Criminal Justice Nexus

Egen Criminal Justice Nexus creates a central data hub that enables a 360-degree view of the population of incarcerated people. This solution empowers state and local governments to improve criminal justice transparency, collaboration, and policy decision-making.

Retail Recommendation Engine

Egen Retail Recommendation Engine built on Google Gemini quickly connects customers with product matches using multi-modal search and generative AI technology. This solution empowers retailers to improve customer engagement, build customer loyalty, and unlock new sales.

Customer Retention FI

Egen Customer Retention Journey creates a comprehensive view of the customer by using Salesforce Data Cloud to unify customer data and Google Vertex AI to build and deploy powerful machine learning models against that data. This solution generates a more detailed and accurate understanding of the customer, driving actionable insights to fuel effective retention strategies.


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