UnitedHealthcare: Creating dashboards for improved health insights

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“Our relationship with the UnitedHealth Group portfolio of companies, including UnitedHealthcare, began from the very start. From bringing together disparate data sets for new insights to creating data visualizations and operational efficiencies, we are empowering UnitedHealth Group to improve people’s health.”
Sujit Ratnayake, Vice President, Health and Life Sciences

UnitedHealthcare (UHC) is the health benefits business of UnitedHealth Group, a Minnesota-based diversified health care company dedicated to advancing health care. Our growing body of work with UHC in Nebraska is one example of how Egen unearths data opportunities to keep moving organizations forward in massive ways. 

In Nebraska, UHC offers a range of benefits and services to Nebraska’s Medicaid population. UHC Nebraska needed to make required data available to the government, but it struggled with gathering the siloed data and generating insights. 

Our Egen experts helped the UHC Nebraska team become more data fluent and bring together disparate sources of data to provide deeper insights. We created several Tableau dashboards to help identify opportunities to improve operational efficiencies, from meeting regulatory requirements to supporting the chief medical officer, finance and other departments within UHC Nebraska. 

We have since become an extension of, and embedded with, the UHC Nebraska team. Our data transformation helped UHC Nebraska be more efficient with how it surfaces and shares data, both internally and with the state of Nebraska for required reporting. With the tools Egen set up, reports that used to take four days of work from several people at UHC Nebraska can now be generated in near real time. 

UHC Nebraska can use data and visualizations to generate insights that make health care simpler and better for patients, create more efficiencies in the administrative process to lower costs, and drive early intervention to improve health outcomes. 

Our work is sparking increased interest across UHC Nebraska in the simple but powerful concept of gathering the right data in the right way to find insights and share knowledge.

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