HR solutions company: Generating customer health scores to increase retention

Egen used AI modeling to generate customer health scores, helping an HR solutions company increase customer retention.


A leading HR services company serves more than 15,000 customers by managing the complexity associated with human resources, payroll, benefits, and other operational needs. Its customers sign quarterly renewals for services and solutions, and the HR services company needed a way to predict possible attrition among its customers. 

It also wanted to empower its team of more than 100 customer relationship managers to most effectively use their time among the 60 to 300 accounts they each supervise. It sought to make sure each of its customer relationship managers could prioritize their time to focus on retaining the customers most at risk of not renewing. Customer data was stored in several locations, though, including spreadsheets and Salesforce applications, making it difficult for the team to analyze data and understand the health of customer accounts. 

The HR services company selected Egen to bring together its customer data and create an analytics solution in Salesforce to visualize data, use predictive AI modeling to score and track customer account health, and drive actionable insights for decreasing attrition. 

Egen migrated historical customer data to Salesforce, using more than 1.5 billion rows of integrated datasets to build, train, and assess Einstein Discovery models for predicting attrition risk. Egen worked with the company to identify the seven key risk indicators to include in the model. Using the AI-powered model, the company now has 75% accuracy in predicting attrition probability among its customers. 

Egen also unlocked customer insights in a dashboard to empower smarter decision-making. The dashboard displays details on the seven risk indicators for each customer account. Customer relationship managers can drill down into the information to see what is driving the scores and determine how they can improve account management. For the first time, the HR services company team can use one tool to quickly gain a holistic view of customer data, empowering them to optimize their workflows, identify churn risks, and take proactive renewal actions to retain customers.

The HR services company can now look further out than ever before to see trends and set priorities for customer outreach, turning its customer retention strategy from reactive to proactive. The customer health scores are helping inform strategy across the company, too, including product development decisions and service delivery approaches to better engage, delight, and retain customers.

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