Health care services provider: Unlocking insights for member retention

Egen worked with a large health care services provider to track contact center performance in CRM Analytics dashboards and unlock insights for improving member retention.


A large health care services provider with more than 5 million members needed a better way to understand the performance of its contact center so it could improve member retention. It stored contact center data in a Genesys Telephony system and Salesforce Service Cloud, and it wanted to bring together the two data sets to unlock insights that would improve performance. 

Salesforce recommended the health care services provider connect with the experts at Egen who could bring deep data and insights knowledge and skills together with experience in working with the Salesforce platform to create the right solution to meet the provider’s needs. Egen worked closely with the provider to create a unified solution that would deliver in-context insights on the performance of its contact center. 

The provider had been using spreadsheets to manually tabulate performance data for its contact center on a monthly basis. Since so much of the relevant data was siloed, there was no standardized way of assessing contact center agents. Supervisors had a hard time analyzing how their teams were performing with effectively and efficiently resolving member questions, which meant they lacked understanding of whether they were providing the best possible member experience.  

Egen worked closely with contact center supervisors and agents to bring data into CRM Analytics dashboards in Salesforce. Egen created the dashboards within six weeks, followed by user testing, fine-tuning, and implementation. The dashboards focus on case resolution and leading causes of cases, showing key metrics accordingly. Egen embedded these dashboards directly into the Salesforce workflow, providing a shared view into performance metrics such as average case handling time, member satisfaction, and resolution rates. 

Contact center agents can now see their performance and compare it to their peers, and supervisors can analyze performance of their agents to make data-driven decisions that help improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their teams to better serve members. 

Now, the provider contact center teams have the data-driven insights they need to improve the member experience, and create members for life. With unified data and actionable insights in user-friendly dashboards, the provider is unlocking the full power of its member retention strategy.

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