Health care services company: Accelerating sales business reporting to unlock insights

Egen helped a major health care services provider modernize its data warehouse and business reporting to generate actionable insights for better decision making.

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A leading health care services provider had acquired several companies in recent years, and faced challenges integrating data from disparate sources. The immediate goal was to stitch together data for a wide range of business reporting, covering everything from sales opportunities to at-risk accounts. The company had an aging data infrastructure that limited real-time reporting capabilities and restricted access to insights, hindering the ability to make agile and informed business decisions. The health care services provider turned to the trusted team at Egen to help it modernize its sales data infrastructure to overcome these challenges.  

Egen completed a proof of concept in 2022, moving a subset of the company’s sales data to Snowflake and building reporting views on top of it. Sales reports that used to take the company two hours to generate could now be generated in just two minutes. Impressed with the significantly faster reporting speed, the company asked Egen to move ahead with a full modernization of its sales data warehouse and reporting. 

In late 2023, we began the first phase of moving the health care services provider onto a scalable cloud data warehouse, with several other technologies layered in for improved reporting. We created a modern and efficient data warehouse in Data Vault 2.0 using tools including Snowflake, dbt Cloud, and CData. 

By modernizing the legacy data warehouse to a scalable and agile model on Data Vault 2.0, we consolidated data sources into a single integrated model, so the company can easily adapt to changing data sources and business needs, efficiently scale to accommodate data growth, and see data trends over time. We reduced reporting time and data integration time by 80-90% using Snowflake’s elasticity. We also improved data auditability by 100% and boosted data quality through embedded tests and monitoring. The health care services provider can now quickly generate sales reports with data-driven, actionable insights to guide its business growth strategies.

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