Curative: Building a customized, more efficient health care staffing platform  

“The Egen team created a smooth process for us from the exploratory kickoff to delivery. Health care is a highly regulated industry, so there were a lot of steps along the way in designing a solution that fit our needs and met regulatory requirements. Egen worked hand-in-hand with us throughout the whole journey, and it paid off greatly in the more efficient staffing platform we now have.”
– Craig Overpeck, COO Curative

Curative is a healthcare staffing service that connects clinicians and communities, offering one-on-one services for physicians and recruitment services for hospitals, medical groups, and medical facilities around the United States. Curative selected Egen to help create an improved and customizable staffing platform that would meet its business needs.

Curative was using a recruiting and staffing software called Bullhorn (formerly Talent Rover), a package of applications built on Salesforce. The software was not easily customizable, limiting the opportunity to tailor it for more effective management of staffing services and sales activities. Curative needed a better system to see which physicians and other health care professionals are available for work and which clients need to be matched. It also wanted to create functionality for timesheets, credentialing, and business development opportunity tracking all in one platform. Salesforce, an Egen ecosystem partner, recommended that Curative connect with the experts at Egen to help recommend and develop the right solution. 

Egen worked side-by-side with Curative on conducting an exploratory phase and decided the best solution was to build a new staffing platform in a new Salesforce environment. Over the next several months, Egen and Curative worked together to create new design specifications, build an end-to-end staffing platform, and migrate all data to the new solution. The Egen team worked closely with Curative subject matter experts to understand the functional and technical requirements, business workflows, and end-user needs. During the data migration, Egen improved data quality for Curative by reviewing all business processes and implementing data validations, along with removing approximately 5,000 duplicate account records. 

Operating at the speed of business, Egen launched the new healthcare staffing platform three months ahead of schedule. The platform adds the custom functionalities Curative was seeking to use as it matches health care providers to jobs. Curative uses the platform to manage business development opportunities, track applications for staffing positions, and provide timesheet entry for physicians in part-time roles. The platform also provides crucial analytics for Curative, including physician licensure, credentialing, and privileging — all key metrics the company needs to make sure each physician and health care provider it works with is safe and qualified to practice medicine in a community. 

The platform design makes it simple and secure for Curative and Egen to continue collaborating and building out new features to meet evolving business needs and any changing regulatory requirements.

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