Caterpillar: Building predictive maintenance models

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Caterpillar asked Egen and Uptake to help it build an internet of things (IoT) platform to track hundreds of thousands of the company’s assets globally and create predictive maintenance capabilities for its customers. 

Caterpillar also wanted to build a single data lake for all its original equipment manufacturer and dealer data, then ingest, transform, and provide the data using APIs for innovative solutions and applications.

Egen worked with Uptake to set up a dedicated developer center in Chicago and build an IoT platform that was extended across different verticals of Caterpillar. Egen handled architecture and development, and Uptake took care of product and sales. 

Egen created resilient and extensible cloud-native IoT and data platforms supporting multiple industries.More than 200,000 assets were synced globally, including machines, trucks, and turbines, and connecting 160 enterprise dealers with Caterpillar. 

More than 250 predictive maintenance models were created by the Egen team to help Caterpillar ingest 12 billion internet of things sensor readings daily. Using cloud-managed services, Caterpillar has reduced its cloud costs by 65%. With reduced data science model building and deployment times from one per quarter to one per week, Caterpillar is set up for continued success and innovation.

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