Senior Principal Analytics Consultant

Full Time | Remote

Egen is a fast-growing and entrepreneurial company with a data-first mindset. We bring together the best engineering talent working with the most advanced technology platforms, including Google Cloud and Salesforce, to help clients drive action and impact through data and insights. We are committed to being a place where the best people choose to work so they can apply their engineering and technology expertise to envision what is next for how data and platforms can change the world for the better. We are dedicated to learning, thrive on solving tough problems, and continually innovate to achieve fast, effective results

We are seeking a highly experienced and skilled Senior Principal Analytics Consultant to join our team.

Job Description:

  • Collaborate with stakeholders, such as marketing, sales, and customer service teams, to understand their CRM objectives, challenges, and data requirements.
  • Gather information about data sources, systems, and existing CRM processes.
  • Provide insights and recommendations based on data analysis to develop and refine business strategies to align with business goals.
  • Help organizations define customer segmentation, identify target customer groups, optimize customer acquisition and retention strategies.
  • Define key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics to measure the effectiveness of CRM initiatives. Develop dashboards and reports to monitor and track CRM performance, customer engagement, customer satisfaction, and revenue growth.
  • Present analysis findings, insights, and recommendations through reports and presentations using data visualization tools like CRM Analytics and Tableau, to communicate complex information to stakeholders and decision-makers.
  • Collaborate with data scientists to design and implement machine learning models. Select appropriate algorithms, architectures, and techniques based on the problem at hand.
  • Lead the design of data models, transformations, and outputs to support advanced analytics and fulfill project requirements using business intelligence tools.
  • Assist in technical sales discussions and proposal meetings for new and existing client extensions.
  • Create product demos and marketing materials to support the company pipeline.
  • Share best practices and product knowledge to advance skill sets with internal and external partners.


Master’s or foreign academic equivalent in Computer Science, Information Systems, Computer Engineering, Information Technology, Business Analytics, or any related field plus one (1) year of experience.  Will accept a Bachelor’s plus five (5) years of experience in lieu of MS + 1. Location: Milpitas, CA, telecommuting permitted, HQ in Naperville, IL.  Travel to client sites within the U.S. about 25% required. Experience studies or coursework with Python, Github, R, Databricks, Tableau, Apache Spark, Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server required.

Job Location/ Where to apply: 
SpringML, Inc., DBA Egen Solutions, 40 Shuman Blvd, Suite 302, Naperville, IL 60563
Email: [email protected]

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